Crypto Briefing 1/11/22 – The Forecast

Crypto Briefing 1/11/22

Crypto Briefing 1/11/22

We’d first like to thank all the members that have signed up for our new Crypto service. We have designed this membership to overwhelmingly help you, and are confident you will more than agree – especially over the next several months.

Bitcoin has been able to hold above $40,000 despite the recent panic in the market. Dips like these serve as a poignant reminder on why all investors should maintain a cash position at all times. Our system points to Bitcoin retesting $58,000 into February, but if Bitcoin is able to create a new all-time high, then the altcoin cycle will likely extend further. If Bitcoin does continue to trend higher, then there will be more money in the market to rotate into altcoins.

The cycle extension seen in crypto and the Ripple-SEC lawsuit have helped XRP holders tremendously. While the price is one of the most suppressed in all of crypto, the negative headlines allow for investors to accumulate more. In our opinion, XRP is a long term value play, and we feel that it will eventually outshine digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Expect a settlement with the SEC to occur within the year, and pay close attention around March and April. Once XRP finally does receive regulatory clarity, retail will flood in and we will see a powerful move to the upside.

Hedera Hashgraph is a crypto that is destined to survive and thrive in the years to come. Positive press about projects like Solana and Cardano have often overshadowed Hedera Hashgraph, but in 2022, we expect that to change. Hedera is allocating $5 billion in the form of grants to people building on the network, and its tech easily surpasses ADA and SOL when it comes to efficiency and security. 

Projects like Cardano have been in development for many years, and have thus far gone unproven when it comes to real-world use cases. Meanwhile, Solona has seen its network shut down multiple times when it’s gotten too congested, and is susceptible to spam attacks which can incapacitate the network. Through the technological innovation of Hashgraph technology, Hedera is able to maintain a lightning fast, decentralized network without having to give up security and scalability.

One of the safest altcoins that can be added to your portfolio is Quant. QNT allows for legacy systems and various blockchain networks to interoperate with one another, and will play a cornerstone role in WEB 3.0. Quant is currently being utilized by the Digital Pound Foundation to help create a CBDC (central bank digital currency) for England. We feel that $150 is an extremely undervalued price for Quant, and it will likely test $1000 to $2000 during the next bull run. Large holders have been accumulating more following the recent dips, and we speculate that this will be a five to six figure coin in the future. There can only ever be $14 million QNT, making it even more scarce than Bitcoin.