Crypto Briefing 1/14/22 - The Forecast

Crypto Briefing 1/14/22

Crypto Briefing 1/14/22

While BTC continues to consolidate sideways, we still feel confident it will retest the $56,000 level into February. The market is still in extreme fear, and now is the time to capitalize on low entry points.

One of our favorite altcoins, Hedera Hashgraph, continues to quietly make waves in the crypto space. We believe that HBAR has the potential to become one of the largest smart contract platforms utilized by enterprises, as transactions are speedy and cheap. In contrast, Ethereum has high gas fees, which can equate to $100 plus transaction fees. Hedera’s public network has been in service for three years, and has performed more transactions than the six-year old Ethereum.

XRP holders have been given a new opportunity to accumulate a larger position, as expert discovery in the Ripple SEC lawsuit has been pushed out to February 28th. We understand that these delays can be frustrating, but this lawsuit will allow for digital asset investors to purchase XRP at hyper-suppressed prices. Irrespective of the lawsuit’s outcome, we believe that XRP is a digital asset that has longevity, and will exist decades from now. Over the long term, $10 should be hit no problem and even $20 is on the table.

Even though the crypto market remains stagnant in terms of price, there is so much to be excited about. Everyday more companies are utilizing blockchain and distributed ledger technology, which will inevitably lead to a new paradigm in terms of how humans conduct business and exchange value. As of the writing of this brief, the adoption of this new technology is growing twice as fast as the internet. If you had missed out on the opportunity of investing in internet companies during the early 90’s, you have been given a second chance!