Crypto Briefing 12/28/21 – The Forecast

Crypto Briefing 12/28/21

Crypto Briefing 12/28/21

Bitcoin will likely crawl up into February before producing a stronger move. Regardless, there will be a powerful move in the altcoin market during the end of Q1, which should reward all of us for our patience.

While we do not typically go in depth about NFT and metaverse projects, we have isolated a unique opportunity that members should explore further. VCCESS is a metaverse platform and NFT marketplace which is currently being built on Hedera Hashgraph. Even though there are a number of other metaverse platforms such as MANA and SAND, we feel that these projects are too oversaturated. These projects are built on Ethereum, which in its present state is highly inefficient with transaction speeds and fees.

Since VCCESS is being built on Hedera, its users will enjoy cheap transaction fees which cost a fraction of a penny. Furthermore, the team behind VCCESS is full of highly experienced professionals such as Alex Ok, the president and co-founder of Forever 21, and Dil Leonares, an entertainment industry veteran and early Bitcoin adopter. The team also recently hired Rick Carter, who helped create the visual designs for the films Ready Player One, Avatar, Jurassic Park, and many other beloved films.

VCCESS is still selling memberships of their premier digital collectibles called ‘Metacores.’ Metacores will allow for people to create their own experiences and worlds within VCCESS, and will be the fuel that powers this ecosystem. Even though the gold and anti-matter Metacores are sold out, you can still purchase the diamond Metacroes, which will enable you to create marketplaces and experiences in this Metaverse. Holders of these Metacores will be able to participate in the VCCESS community faucet, which will reward early holders with their native currency STVR.

Even though STVR has not been issued yet, we feel that this could become a serious competitor to Decentraland. This is a project fairly early on in its development, but we feel that the risk/reward ratio is highly skewed in our favor, especially when considering the talent behind this project. We are not affiliated with this project, but feel that it has significant upside if they are successful. For those interested, you can purchase a Metacore on their website This investment has a longer time horizon, as the metaverse is likely still a few years away from becoming fully operational. However, once it does, there is potential for early collectibles like these to be worth exponentially more than their current price levels. However, investments of this nature are even more highly speculative than cryptocurrencies themselves, and should comprise a minute part of any crypto portfolio.