Crypto Briefing 12/7/21 – The Forecast

Crypto Briefing 12/7/21

Crypto Briefing 12/7/21

This weekend was an excellent example of the volatility seen in crypto, and serves as a humbling reminder to take profits when they are there. While we saw a quick spike to the downside, the crypto market can also deliver movements at the same speed in the opposite direction. This crash has given us confirmation that the bullish trend in crypto remains intact into 2022. Even though there have been a number of analysts calling for a bear market, Bitcoin will continue to work its way up and we are expecting a major move to occur shortly. The higher the price of Bitcoin, the higher our price targets become for our altcoins.

Over this weekend, Quant was one of the hardest hit coins, and we believe it has formed a low at $150. Our long term perspective on Quant is that it will eventually be a 5-figure coin.

XRP broke a key support level at $1 and will likely consolidate and frustrate investors. In our opinion, XRP is one of the hardest assets to hold and requires extreme patience, but when we finally see a move, expect a quick spike to $10+ in a matter of weeks. XLM and HBAR are also at excellent buying points, both being at $0.26. We feel building out a position in HBAR would be a worthwhile investment, as it has the potential to become a big player in the crypto space. ALBT is also at an excellent buying point at $0.50.

Sentiment has become extremely bearish on XDC, and we feel that this current entry point is immaculate. We are expecting a $0.77 to $1 price by the end of the crypto rally, and based upon our research, we expect this project to have extreme longevity. When the crypto market finally matures, projects that are complementary to the current power structure, rather than adversarial, will see the greatest success. Specifically, privacy coins like Monero and ZCash will be heavily regulated if not banned, as they are a direct threat to governments. Our altcoin portfolio is centered around cryptos that are seeking to improve the current system, rather than uproot it. These will receive support from global governments which pull the strings of the modern economy.