Crypto Briefing 2/15/22 – The Forecast

Crypto Briefing 2/15/22

Crypto Briefing 2/15/22

We expected crypto to have a major presence during the Super Bowl, and that is certainly what we saw with both the and Coinbase commercials making national headlines. The ads – costing many millions of dollars – are emblematic that crypto is not going away, and this technology will be used to power the future of finance.

Bitcoin is presently bouncing off of the $42,000 range and we expect it to reach $52,000 by early March. We are currently in an extremely dangerous period in global markets due to certain binary events, which we have gone over in prior briefings.

If we are to see an altcoin rally throughout this time period, then it will be quick and decisive. For reference, back in 2017, coins such as XRP rallied from $0.15 to $3.80 in just two to three weeks. We believe that history will repeat itself, and that this explosive activity will happen again. If this does not occur within the March and April timeframe, then the crypto cycle will extend itself to the second half of 2022. While it is not the likely scenario, we would prefer crypto to wait before taking off to provide more time to accumulate the altcoins.

Today, it was announced that the tier one exchange eTORO will be listing Hedera Hashgraph. eTORO is Robinhood’s largest competitor and allows users to trade stocks and cryptos. Consequently, HBAR is currently up 10% on the day. The reason we are highlighting this is because as cryptos begin to circulate on more exchanges, the closer they become to getting listed on Coinbase. Coinbase is notoriously slow when it comes to listing coins, and by the time they do the price has already done a 10X. While it may be more inconvenient, we recommend setting up a variety of exchanges to secure the best entry points possible. 2022 will be a monumental year for Hedera as the creators Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon have stated that they are going to spread more awareness about Hedera’s capabilities. One of the founding members of Hedera Hashgraph, Jordan Fried, also holds the domain rights to, which S&P 500 companies are reported to use for their own NFTs. This has led many to speculate that could interoperate with Hedera Hashgraph, or even be built on top of it. We expect the broader retail community to recognize Hedera as a viable Ethereum replacement and bid up the price.