Crypto Briefing 3/22/22 – The Forecast

Crypto Briefing 3/22/22

Crypto Briefing 3/22/22

Bitcoin is attempting to break out above $45,000. However, it is unlikely that we will see clear follow-through immediately because of systemic risks in the stock market. This equity market pullback could occur over the next few weeks and will likely negatively affect Bitcoin. This downturn can manifest in the form of a mild correction or a more dramatic decline.

We are starting to see the first indicators of an altcoin rally which may very well manifest over the next few months. A variety of microcap altcoins are beginning to fire up several hundred percent, which behavior will eventually translate to coins with larger floats.

For the past several months, XRP has been in consolidation mode, but is set to have an explosive move in the near future. When looking at the weekly chart for XRP, the extremely bullish setup taking place is clear. If XRP is able to break $1, we will quickly see the price move to $1.30. In the past, we have talked about catalysts for XRP such as the settlement of the Ripple-SEC case, launch of the flare network, or regulatory clarity in the overall crypto space. Any major shift in one of these fundamentals will help XRP find its true value.

Like XRP, Quant is preparing for a decisive move to the upside. We have high hopes for Quant in the long term as it is positioning itself to become the operating system of crypto. Currently blockchains and legacy systems are incapable of interoperating with each other, but with Quant’s overledger service, this problem can be solved. QNT is positioning itself to dominate a multi-trillion dollar market with very few competitors in this specific niche.