Crypto Briefing 6/17/22 - The Forecast

Crypto Briefing 6/17/22

Crypto Briefing 6/17/22

The crypto market at large is still in a state of uncertainty. With retail investors still thinking that the worst of the crash is ahead, digital assets have been hit extremely hard. In spite of negative headlines such as the DeFi platform Celsius preventing its users from withdrawing funds, or Bitcoin again testing $20,000, the crypto market is ready to make a decisive move. We expect Bitcoin to make an additional attempt at breaking through $32,000 by the middle of July.  As a consequence of Bitcoin’s poor performance, the overall altcoin market has been pulled down especially hard. Projects like XRP, QNT, HBAR, CSPR and ALBT have all been hit hard. However, they are at extremely undervalued entry points and will likely reward patient investors. We have found that one successful decision in the crypto space has the potential to be life altering. For example, during the 2018 crypto bear market, investors were able to purchase assets like Cardano at sub $0.10 for a multitude of years, and those who had preserved in spite of the volatility were able to mint fortunes.
Hedera Hashgraph has the potential to become a top 5 coin. It has cheap and affordable transaction fees and is faster and more energy efficient than traditional blockchains. With companies such as Boeing, Google, LG, and Ubisoft backing them, this project will certainly be around for a long time.  In the future, we could envision Hedera being a two figure coin once full scale adoption is achieved.

XRP will likely be one of the first digital assets to receive regulatory clarity following the Ripple SEC lawsuit. This will attract more developers and talent to the XRPL ecosystem and drive the adoption of this technology. XRP is poised to take the cross-border payment industry by storm, and in our opinion, is at a life-changing entry point.

QNT has the potential to become a 4 to 5 figure coin. Quant’s ‘overledger’ will allow for legacy system-legacy system interoperability, as well as interoperability between blockchains. This technology will play a critical role in connecting the variety of central bank digital currencies that go live in the coming years.

In our next briefing, we will provide hypothetical allocations of the coins in our model portfolio.  While we believe all should do well, the allocations will demonstrate our full hierarchy of coins in terms of both risk and reward.