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Launching The Forecast: Crypto

Launching The Forecast: Crypto

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our Crypto platform at The Forecast. Crypto Members will have access to biweekly briefings with analysis and forecasts on Bitcoin, altcoins, and major developments in the crypto market. Crypto Members will also have access to our altcoin model portfolio which lists a number of different coins we expect to reach multiples of present price levels in the coming months and years. New features will be continually added to the membership as we expand this new area of our service. Gold Members will continue to have access to Crypto through the end of the year, and can access the Crypto Portal from the Gold Menu. As a thank you to all of our members, we have a special report today about central bank digital currencies and how this major opportunity can be capitalized upon.

Crypto Briefing 12/3/21

The concept of CBDC’s (central bank digital currencies) has been around for over 40 years, and it now appears that governments are beginning to expand and implement them into our everyday lives. This new development will enable governments to more efficiently manage their economies by tracking the spending of their citizens and making money more easily distributable.  While many are calling this a perversion of what cryptocurrencies have stood for in the past, the implementation of CBDC’s will happen regardless of public sentiment.

This new technology will be rolled out under the guise of helping the unbanked. Over 1.7 billion people are without bank accounts, 14 million being U.S citizens. Instead of having to pay monthly maintenance fees on their bank accounts, low-income individuals can use digital wallets as a banking alternative, allowing for people to securely transact their favored fiat currencies.

The dark side of this technology is that governments will leverage it to spy on their citizens, similar to how they used the internet. For example, CBDC’s will allow governments to track spending, audit accounts, and to more efficiently tax their citizens. Ironically, the mainstream narrative is that cryptocurrencies are synonymous with criminal and illicit activity. While that may have once been true with websites like the Silk Road, we expect physical cash to become vilified by governments.

Despite some countries like China opting to build their own networks for digital currencies, many other countries will likely work alongside the private sector to build CBDC’s. Specifically, countries like Bhutan and the Republic of Palau are leveraging the XRP ledger to create their CBDC’s. First-world countries will likely host their CBDC’s on multiple networks to allow for optimal security and functionality. The networks that we believe will help with the creation of CBDCs include Ripple, Hedera Hashgraph, Stellar Lumens, Algorand, and Quant. As CBDC’s become more developed, these are the altcoins to look towards to capitalize on this coming expansion. These coins are all presently at phenomenal entry points, but once CBDC’s begin to become more mainstream, expect them to rise significantly.