Mission – The Forecast

Our Mission

We were never taught how to make money. Maybe how to develop the skills to become a successful employee – but never how to create actual wealth. Even if you have tried to make money on your own, you’ve had to figure it out by yourself.

Throughout history, nothing has created more wealth than investment – specifically, investment in the stock market. Yet the vast majority of this wealth belongs to the elite. The top 10% richest people in the world own 84% of the entire stock market, as regular people get left in the dark and on the sidelines of the world’s greatest moneymaker.

It is our mission to give the full power of investment to the people who actually need it: to the majority living paycheck to paycheck stuck in a 9-5 slog or just looking for an extra source of income. We provide the knowledge, experience, and financial resources.

We give you the ability to seek wealth, freedom, and financial independence.