Weekly Briefing 2/21/21 - The Forecast

Weekly Briefing 2/21/21

Weekly Briefing 2/21/21

As multiple markets approach an impending paradigm shift compared to the trading action of the last few months, it is more important than ever to examine sentiment, which is key indicator used to identify major tops and bottoms in markets.

Sentiment is suggesting a choppy upcoming 4-6 week period. March through mid-April is historically choppy with a downward bias for equity markets.  Gold Members will be well prepared

Money outflows are being led by tech. A temporary low may form March 1st.

Gold is carving out a bottom . A retest or undercut low is still possible in the days ahead.

Silver has yet to be attacked by bullion banks. When stocks get hit shortly bullion banks will have their chance.

Major uptrend in wheat and grains just starting.

Natural gas may have one more spike before a 1-2 week consolidation starts. Much higher prices are coming into projected May,July and January 2022 peaks.

Barring a Middle East conflict crude needs to reset sentiment and consolidate in the coming weeks.
Regardless of modern day algorithms human psychology and sentiment still track and move markets. They continue to be an important tool in corroborating bottoms and tops in major asset classes.