Weekly Briefing 3/27/22 – The Forecast

Weekly Briefing 3/27/22

Weekly Briefing 3/27/22

In this Weekly Briefing, we will highlight the impact and relevance of one of the most critical charts for investors in today’s market: the yield curve. Throughout the history of modern markets, anytime the yield curve turns negative for over 3 months, a recession occurs within a year.  While the yield curve only briefly inverted during the 2019 trade war with China, we now expect it to remain negative for an extended period of time during 2022, suggesting a recession just beyond the horizon.  In addition to the inverting yield curve, the Fed has also only ever been able to quell rampant inflation by temporarily contracting the economy. While they have clear intentions to eliminate inflation without any harm to the economy, the same narrative has been issued time and time again for decades. An economic contraction is the only means to cooling inflation, and this will prove true once again. But even during period of recession, the opportunities for making money in the market are plentiful, and our Gold Members will capitalize throughout the coming downturn, as well as be informed of exactly when it will begin. To try the subscription free for 14 days, click the following link: www.theforecast.co/gold-member-sign-up.

As we have reiterated in our briefings as well, Bitcoin is currently breaking out above key resistance and is carrying the altcoins upwards with it. The window is closing to accumulate these key altcoins that will experience exponential growth in due time. Click the following link to join our crypto subscription: www.theforecast.co/register/crypto.

Economic Data this past week:

Core PPI: Miss

Jobless Claims: Beat

Housing Starts: Beat

Economic Data this coming week:

Monday: Consumer Confidence, Jobs Report, Unemployement

Tuesday: JOLTs Job Openings

Wednesday: ADP Non-farm Employment, Core CPE

Thursday: PCE Price Index, Jobless Claims

Friday: Markit Manufacturing PMI, Non-farm Payrolls