Weekly Briefing 4/10/22 – The Forecast

Weekly Briefing 4/10/22

Weekly Briefing 4/10/22

Our system is showing September as a 3-4 month peak for many commodities – with an especially strong peak forming for the metals  in particular. A cycle we track associated with a Goldman Sachs commodity index is also corroborating this as a 1-2 quarter peak in many commodities before a resumption of the rally occurs into 2024. The metals sector by far represents the most explosive upside over the next 5 months. It is likely that we look back in September and see that metals, gold, silver, and miners gave the best ROI.  Second to the metals, we have strong conviction in uranium over the next several months.  The leader in the space, CCJ, is poised to rally as much as 50% by September.  Regardless, all commodities are poised to see higher prices over the coming months, each of which should outperform the major indexes.

While some members may primarily trade equities, a paradigm shift is presently underway in global markets that will see commodities take the spotlight over the next year.  In a private note to its clients this past week, JP Morgan Chase predicted that a 40%+ move in most commodities is imminent.  To capitalize on this move, consider our Gold Membership free trial to get the dates and details of these generational moves presently unfolding in the commodities markets: www.theforecast.co/gold-member-sign-up.

Last Week’s Economic Data:

ISM Manufacturing PMI: Miss

Markit PMI: Miss

Initial Jobless Claims: Beat

Upcoming Economic Data:

Tuesday: Core CPI

Wednesday: Core PPI

Thursday: Initial Jobless Claims