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Weekly Briefings

Weekly Briefing 1/10/21

The Forecast has had pilot metals positions since Q4 2020. Metals are explosive and unpredictable and can catch traders off guard when they finally breakout.

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Weekly Briefing 1/3/20

During the commodity bull market of the 2000-2011 period, energy led and eventually passed the baton to the monetary metals in the second half of

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Weekly Briefing 12/27/20

As 2021 approaches, we want to examine some of our favorite sectors for the upcoming year. We expect commodities to outperform the US stock markets,

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Weekly Briefing 12/20/20

The last full trading week of the year saw gains across the main sectors on Wall Street, although the momentum of the “vaccine rally” became

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Weekly Briefing 12/13/20

Market sentiment is one of the single most powerful tools for predicting future market moves. We monitor it extensively and today we will show some

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Weekly Briefing 12/6/20

Big picture outlook into June 2021.  Everyone has their own trading style so we offer multiple outlooks – short, medium, and long term at the

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